Discussion Papers Discussion Papers

In the initial planning phases of NIDS, SALDRU commissioned a series of Planning Papers highlighting important socio-economic issues in South Africa. Whilst standing in their own right, as a set they ...

Announcements Announcements

NIDS Wave 5 data is now available, together with updated versions of Wave 1, Wave 2, Wave 3 and Wave 4. Data cleaning has been ongoing since the last release and new variables have been added. Please ...

Training & Outreach Training & Outreach

NIDS Hosts 3-day Panel Data Course NIDS hosted a 3-day Panel Data Course from 3- 5 December 2018 at UCT’s School of Economics. The course provided an introduction to analysing the NIDS Wave 1...

NIDS in the Media NIDS in the Media

Africa Check – Do half of men and a third of women in South Africa smoke? Africa Check was asked to verify the share of smokers in South Africa given a claim that half of men and a third of wom...

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households interviewed in 2017

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