NIDS data is hosted through the DataFirst portal based at the University of Cape Town.  Clicking on a dataset link below will take you to the relevant page on the DataFirst portal.  Once there, to download the data click on the "Get Microdata" tab.

Note: First-time users will be requested to register before downloading (please ensure to read the terms of use).  After registration, you will simply need to log in when downloading data.  

Please see the “How to access the NIDS data” infographic which explains how to access both the NIDS public release and secure datasets.


 Download the NIDS Wave 1 Dataset

 Download the NIDS Wave 2 Dataset

 Download the NIDS Wave 3 Dataset

Download the NIDS Wave 4 Dataset

Download the NIDS Wave 5 Dataset

 Download the NIDS Dataset from the Luxembourg Income Study Database (LIS)


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